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Gerald Mayo

The first time I drove over the hill in 1974 I thought if God doesn't live here He should, and I need to...

The first time I drove over the hill in 1974 I thought if God doesn't live here He should, and I need to...

Feb 6 3 minutes read

Estes Park has been synonymous with the Rocky Mountains and Rocky Mountain National Park even before there was a national park.  This little village is tucked into and surrounded by the Rocky Mountains but that really isn't what makes it a "magic place".

I would like to say it's the people.  The people come and go, the residents come and go and yet for over a 1,000 years Estes Park has been a very special place.  If you Google Old Man Mountain you can find out a lot about Estes Park even before the Native Americans labeled it a holy place.

You can feel the magic as soon as you come over the ridge from any entrance to town.  My first thoughts were that if God doesn't live here he should and I'm going to.  I don't know if you believe in God, I certainly do and I think he does spend a fair amount of time here.  Estes Park is a beautiful calming  place and you can feel it instantly when you get here.

Lets talk about the people of Estes Park.  They don't all live here.  The lucky ones do but most of them have been coming to Estes Park for generations.  Typically from Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, and Iowa.  The truth is however Estes Park has many international regular visitors and residents.  Wherever you are in the world and you mention Estes Park a conversation will erupt.  Someone knows about or has been to Estes.

There were four people in an incline car in Greece on their way to a restaurant.  Both couples were obviously Americans.  One couple said to the other "Where are you from?"  Responding they said "Estes Park.".  The first couple said so are we.  That's Estes Park for you and the reason I know about this encounter is I sold both of them their homes here in Estes.

To answer the question.  I think we would do just fine without those mountain blocking the view but it sure is nice to have them cradling our village.  I had to include this picture to assure you that the mountains are still there and as beautiful as ever.  Don't forget to stop by and visit us when you are in Estes Park.

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