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4 Landscaping Improvements That Make a Huge Difference

Gerald Mayo

The first time I drove over the hill in 1974 I thought if God doesn't live here He should, and I need to...

The first time I drove over the hill in 1974 I thought if God doesn't live here He should, and I need to...

Aug 3 5 minutes read

Mountain Style Landscaping Improvements that Make a Huge Difference.

Everyone talks about curb appeal. Just a little bit of landscaping can make a huge difference in the personality of your home, and the curb appeal inviting someone in to purchase. If you dress up the outside of your home, like she is going to a party more people will be interested.

I had a friend that used to buy cars occasionally to sell. He always said “You have to have them standing tall” if you want to sell them. New tires, fresh wax, detailed inside. Your home needs to be “Standing Tall” if you want to maximize your value.

Something like this is bound to get someone’s attention if they are close enough to see it and would definitely impact their view of your home.

Water features are something that can be done easily in the mountains. It is easy to form a small waterfall that drops into a small man-made pond. The recirculating pump in the pond will pump the water back up to the top of the waterfall for an amazing effect. If you aren’t lucky enough to have some rocks for your waterfall, a small pond will do just fine.

Not all homes are sold in the Spring, Fall, or Summer however so having that pond in the winter also has its benefits.

Sellers think that during the “Tourist” season is when most homes are sold. This is not true. The Internet has rocked the real estate world with technology. Buyers can do 3D walkthroughs on homes year-round. They don’t have to be here to Buy anymore. However, just in case someone is wandering past your home for a might be purchase.

Having this guy in your front yard helps. It’s what we call an all-terrain, all-wheel-drive lawnmower. Most of these examples are obviously why you can’t do normal landscaping in the mountains. The animals love to eat your flowers, grass, and anything else you might plant.

My Neighbor is still getting used to mountain living. He was pretty sure he needed grass in his yard. After several futile attempts to grow grass he had it sodded. You can see the elk love it. I’m sure potential Buyers would also be attracted to the scene.

Be smart, be wise like this wise old bird. Talk to your Realtor who can guide you to a professional to help you make you home look amazing with just a few little landscaping projects.

Landscaping Increases Your Home's Value

Overall, a home that has a landscape that looks maintained will always appeal more to a buyer than a home that neglected its landscape. Even if you only have enough time to apply mulch or enough budget to add a few container plants, the effort will make a difference that will pay off in the end. 

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