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Estes Park Colorado Property Values

Gerald Mayo

The first time I drove over the hill in 1974 I thought if God doesn't live here He should, and I need to...

The first time I drove over the hill in 1974 I thought if God doesn't live here He should, and I need to...

Aug 20 5 minutes read

Estes Park Colorado Property Values

Everyone seems to think they can wait for Estes Park prices to go down. Well, you can’t. When I purchased my home for $97,000.00 it was too much money. We had sold our castle in Nebraska for $67,000.00 and that wouldn’t buy a garage in Estes Park. Moving to Estes Park was the toughest move I have ever made. Sold my house, Cessna 210 airplane, and my 1959 XK 150-S Roadster Jaguar to buy a house in Estes that my wife was not going to live in and was going to have me committed to buying.

There was a gap between the window and the window sill so that it snowed inside the house. If it wasn’t orange and white shag carpet it was green and white shag carpet. I wasn’t sure if I should rake it or mow it.

I could sell my house today, buy back the car, the plane and the house in Kearney and have money left over. Quite a bit of money actually.

When you buy a house in Estes Park, you aren’t just buying a house. You get to have yard ornaments that come and go. We didn’t have these in Nebraska. I’m going to include an unsolicited letter from an old friend in this so that you can see it from the perspective of someone that lived in Estes Park longer than I have.

Bill Kirk Letter

I have had more customers than I can count that said they were going to wait and then they were priced completely out of the market and can’t afford anything in Estes Park anymore. That makes me feel very sad. I had one customer say that it was difficult for him to pay more for a house in Estes Park than he paid for his farm in Nebraska. Of course, he bought the farm 50 years ago but still it affected his decision.

Living in Estes Park is a way of life. You aren’t just buying a house, you are buying a new lifestyle. Estes Park has over five million visitors a year and most of them want to live here. The more visitors we get the more affluent Buyers we attract. Everything is about supply and demand. Since the Federal government owns approximately 60% of Larimer County we really don’t have much to sell. We are five square miles in the middle of National Park and National Forest. The government isn’t selling any of theirs and as a matter of fact they purchase more lands to add to the buffer between the public and the federal lands.

If you buy property in Estes Park you will be making money while you sleep. Since we are the oldest community in Colorado with an average age of 58 I think you will live longer living here. The best advice I can give anyone.

Ready to live in Estes Park?

If this blog wasn't enough to convince you that Estes Park is your next move give us a call. 

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