How To Sell A Secret

I want to sell my house but I don’t want anyone to know I’m selling. Please don’t put a sign in the front yard all the neighbors will know immediately. You can’t put an ad in the local newspaper (we don’t ) and please don’t put it on the internet. 

Sure, we can sell your house with both hands tied behind our backs because we are magicians. If you have ever watched a good magician you wonder “How did they do that”? It is the same with trying to “Sell a Secret” – how are we going to do that?

Now that we have your attention let’s talk about the listing Broker that says “We will wait to market your home.” We can sell it without putting it on the internet, MLS or any other advertising media. We have a database of thousands and some of them are just waiting to buy your home?? Maybe, or maybe the Broker is just greedy and wants to collect more money by having both the Buyer and the Seller. Oh, if they get both sides (listing and selling commission) they will do it for less? Sounds like a sales pitch to me. Would you rather sell your home for more money faster on the open market or give that Broker a better “deal”. Is that in your best interest? You decide.

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